Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Introducing ABU Extra Thick Overnight diapers

You may recall our hints about a dinosaur you’d "Luv". Others have seen our package inserts called "Think Thick". What’s the big secret? It’s finally here – our latest creation called ABU Extra Thick Overnights, a replica of the plastic Luvs baby diapers. These adult size diapers start with our own new dinosaur mascot surrounded by stars, moons and rockets. Inspired by the 1997 Luvs Overnights, these adult sized diapers feature several improvements over our original hit product including a thicker, more absorbent pad and blue surge zone. And, just like real baby diapers they have a big number indicating the size – we used 8 for fun and for a pretend fantasy that you’ve moved up from size 7 diapers and not quite ready for Goodnites (even though we have those too!). They’re not just for nighttime for those heavy wetters needing more padding. These are the very first pics I'm posting - they won't even be on our own website until tomorrow when they are available for orders at www.abuniverse.com.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm excited to annouce our next product, a replica of the 1997 Luvs Overnight. We could not reproduce Barney, so our artist came up with another Dinosour we are looking for recommendations for a name for. This creation is entirely driven by comments from our customers, wanting a thicker diaper and one that is more babyish than the Super Dry Kids (Pampers Replica). These will start shipping December 1st and you'll be able to pre-order at ABUniverse.com on Wednesday November 19th.

Thanks for your patience with the backordered medium size, more of those are on this shipment so we'll be able to catch up. This run of diapers is double of the original one so we'll have more inventory to meet demand. I'm also going to help Jenny with the phones and e-mail since she's been overwhelmed "taking care of all the toddlers out there".

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first blog journal

Hi, this is Baby Kyle. This is a milestone day for me in technology since it's the first time I've ever written my own blog.

Here's my story. I’ve been a DL since I graduated into underwear. The story of how AB Universe was born is a true classic.
For me, my fondest memories were the original Pampers in the purple box. I’ve paid big money for vintage boxes of these off of eBay, because there is nothing like them (except for ones that actually fit!). I can remember back to 10 years old when I first got my own bike and I could finally ride the 2 miles to the store by myself. I was so nervous buying the box, which barely fit into the grocery sack. I kept this part of my life secret for over 15 years. The Internet helped me to discover that not only were there many others that enjoyed such role-playing, more importantly; this was not some complete psychological disorder. To the contrary, it has helped me deal with many of life’s curve balls. It’s probably a little non-PC but I don’t care.
More recently, while on vacation, I had to do my typical visit to an off-the-beaten-path drug store to see the rare brand of products often found at these retailers. I was fascinated by a baby print that I saw on a new diaper package. I tried to cut, tape, and even sew one together but it didn’t turn out quite right. I got to thinking, if I wanted a product like this, I’m sure there are others out there. Browsing the web I would find a single product here, another product there, but no one-stop shop for the whole ‘nursery’. Why couldn’t I find a way to manufacture the perfect AB/DL diaper and accessories myself?
The venture got off to a very slow start, and many of my friends thought I was taking this thing way too far. At first I tried to get something out of the existing producers in the market. I got a few raised eyebrows and many more no’s. The big companies that make diapers did not want to make less than a million of something, and especially not for a use that they believe might harm their image or baby brands. A year of research, custom samples, and on-site visits with a dozen foreign manufacturers produced our flagship product launched in January 2008: “Super Dry Kids”. It has been a huge success; we sold out of the initial production run in just 8 days. This has inspired me to create even more AB/DL products.
Sure our web site is somewhat self-serving; my girlfriend and business partner does not like that I’m the chief product tester. But it does allow me to conduct new product development and truly get to know what most of us want – a real baby product that fits big kids at a fair price. Unlike some of the incontinence product suppliers for which AB stuff is a sideline, this is all we do in a tiny little 3-person shop. And while we still have not recovered the initial R&D cost, this is definitely a labor of love for us.